Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Anyone that knows me, knows that's I have a thing for shoes. Well, its more than a thing. Its an unhealthy addiction! Its ridiculous how much I've amassed over the years. One of my new year's resolution was not to buy any more shoes (I've broke it ten times over.) These Sam Edelman's have been sitting in my closet for a while. I'm scared to wear them because of the stones or I'm scared I might hurt someone if I move too close. I'd like to move close to a certain someone though *evil grin*

Top: Rachel Roy, Pant: Esprit, Shoes: Sam Edelman's Lorissa, Clutch: Halston Heritage,Rings BCGB

I've had a couple of emails asking me what I use on my skin. I had to laugh because I really do not use anything. I use Palmer's Cocoa Butter and Johnson's baby oil when my skin is really dry. Thats about it. Nothing Special!!

****Anyone who is a Hockey fan will know that the Vancouver Canucks just won the Play-offs. Its absolute mayhem outside my apartment as I type. Although I'm more of a football (soccer) fan, the atmosphere here in Vancouver is infectious. So.... congratulations boys!

Stay Fab

Images by Lily                            
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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Part two of the shoot with the beautiful Lily and our amazing photographer Tessa  and with me as the stylist and creative director. We had so much fun on this shoot. The turban was very last minute. The outfit was perfect but I think it added some edge. Also can you guess the story line of the shoot?

I'll be back to regular blogging as from tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who is following my blog and all the lovely people who have featured me on their blog, especially Style By Queens, Zelda + Festus and Leo & Pisces.

Stay Fab

Sunday, 10 April 2011
When three bloggers and one amazing designer come together, what do you get?? ORGASMIC MAGIC (if there was ever such a thing). I approached Lily from Bleed for Fashion about a shoot some time ago. For some reason things kept happening and we had to keep pushing the shoot back. The dresses are by the amazing Obsidian, who is a Nigerian designer and the Images are by Tessa a Vancouver based Photographer and blogger. I was stylist and Creative Director  for the shoot.
Saturday, 9 April 2011
Top: Tucker, Pants: Gap, Clutch: Thrifted, Shoes Sam Edelman
Wandering through the streets of Robson (Vancouver's own Glamorous high street) I decided to go into Gap to see what was fresh. I had not been in since I worked for the company a few years ago (Gap inc, has to be one of the best companies I've worked for, although i worked for the Banana Republic division) Anyways back to my story. As I wondered, I found these amazing wide legged khaki pants. I've been very weary about anything wide legged you see I have this blessing called wide hips...I got it from my mama. So as I tried it on albeit hesitantly, I came out of the fitting room to use the mirror, the girl at the shop decided to give me her two cents, ' oww those pants are not for you, they make your hips look wider' to which I responded ' I know, I love my wide hips'. I bought them and decided this Tucker top would pair nicely with them.
Thursday, 7 April 2011
I recently discovered Make Up Forever Lipstick and believe me it changed my life. How can Lipstick change your life you say? Just try it and I assure you if you don't feel like a million bucks, I'll eat my hat. Needless to say I'm obsessed. So when the lady at Sephora showed me this purple lippy, I thought why not? Life is too short not to wear Purple Lipstick!
Sunday, 3 April 2011
I can't believe I've lived in Vancouver for almost 3 years. It only seems like yesterday I was lugging my suitcases from London (UK, not London Ontario as so many Canadians ask me). I remember my friends taking bets to see how long I would last. I'm not going to lie, I hated it at first but I've learned to love it. I've met some amazing people, But it might be time to start thinking seriously about moving back to the motherland....Its just a thought!

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