Saturday, 21 May 2011

Yes It does but who cares???
I've been waiting for the sun to come out so I can start wearing my summer clothes but the weather in Vancouver is menopausal! Its sunny on one days and its freezing the next day! It makes me want to yank my hair out! So I definitely got ahead of myself with these cute shorts!!
On the flip side thank you to Nichelle Paris from NPC Styles, winner of my first giveaway. It was lovely meeting you.

Monday, 16 May 2011

"Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, 'You owe me.' Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky" - Hafiz

For lack of anything to say I thought i'd share this quote with you guys. I stole it from my friend Titilope Sonuga who is an amazing poet. I've written it on a sticky note and kept it by my bedside (amongst other quotes) to remind me that there is love all around me, even in the dreariest of times. Feel free to share quotes that inspire you.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Not in any order of course. But here are some of the things that make me happy.
  • OPI nail polish and BCBG skull ring
  • Makeup Forever Lipstick you need to try it to understand the amaziness(if there was such a word), NARS Sheer Matte Foundation, MAC Blot Powder and Lancome Mascara
  • Sam Edelman Leopard Brogues, they are the most comfortable shoes in the world and I swear they go with almost everything in my closet.
  • My camera Sony Alpha 350 ,Crackberry, Bedtime reading, My rosary beads, A picture of my mama right after she had me.
  • My baby sister and therapist Shola
  • My old and not so faithful Pink Sony Vaio.
What are some of your favorite things?

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    Sunday, 8 May 2011

    I've been listening to Adele's new album on repeat. I'm officially in love with her. My favourite songs off the album is Turning Table and Someone Like You. She's so wise for someone so young, Her ex must have really hurt her! (the bulk of the songs on her album were written about her ex boyfriend)

    On the other hand, I'm wearing a cropped top for anyone who hasn't noticed yet! I'm a big believer in dressing to for your body. So bigger girls wearing liquid leggings (please throw it away). I saw this cropped top and thought NEVERS! But trying it on, it kinda worked. Its not my favourite thing in my closet but I can flow with it. What do you all think? Keep it or Toss it

    Thursday, 5 May 2011

    The lovely ladies at the Origins have kindly put together a goody box for one lucky reader. Valued at $$$. The products are guaranteed to leave your face looking and feeling smooth and spotless.
    I went into origins at The Bay (Downtown Vancouver) the other day because I had some concerns about how oily my skin was and because I wanted something organic and free of harsh chemical so many other companies use. Aluda at Origins recommended a Perfect World hydrating face-wash and white tea face cream and my face has been wonderfully smooth and not as oily ever since.

    One lucky winner will win 'The Box'. It contains: 
    To win. all you have to do is follow me on Facebook or leave a comment on my blog or my facebook wall. The giveaway is open to all residents in North America. I will be having three other giveaways this summer. One, open to readers World Wide, One for my European Readers and One for my readers in Nigeria. Keep reading my blog for more info (I know quite generous lol).
    The Give-away ends exactly one week from today  12th of May 2011 at 24.00 EST. The winner will picked at random. GOOD LUCK GUYS.
    Monday, 2 May 2011

    Two years ago I worked for a big ass fashion house that won't be named. Everyone told me what an amazing opportunity it was and my boss wouldn't stop telling me how millions of girls would kill for my job! IT WAS HELL ON EARTH. I loved the brand (and still love it) BUT the people I worked with hated me and most importantly I hated them. I let them walk all over other words I was their bitch, all because I didn't want to seem like the confrontational girl from hell. So I kept quiet when someone offended me or I ignored people who did not do the work I delegated to them. I spent exactly one year with the company and I packed my bags and left. Now I've learned, I'm NO ONES BITCH.

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