To say my life has been crazy will be a gross understatement. I feel like my life came to a stand still on August 19th. For those of you that follow me on the various social media sites will know exactly what I mean. I'm not going to bore you with the intricate emotions that comes with losing a loved one. Lets just say, it sucks in a big way!

This year has been one big ball of suckage and I'm glad its almost over. I fell out of love with fashion in a big way. I really did! When you're a fashion blogger out of love with fashion, what happens? I asked myself this question over and over again. 
Fashion to me is like a complicated boyfriend. You love him to death, but he can sometimes be overwhelming because there are just so many parts to him and the relationship. Never mind with my analogy it made sense in my head. All you can do is, time out, take a break from him. and hope you still love him when you return! I still do (love fashion that is)