Sunday, 30 December 2012
Sleek True Colour - Mulberry 788 - Bare All 777 - O.M.G! 784 - Mystic 783.
MAC :- Chestnut (Satin) - Fire Sign (Lustre) - Milan Mode (Lustre) - Diva (Matte) - Spice It Up (Lustre) - Musky Amethyst (Frost)
Make Up Forever:- Artist Intense Rouge 49 - 42 - Moulin Rouge - 34 - 15
Revlon: Black Cherry 477 - Love That Red 725 - Wine Not 010 - Really Red 006
Over the past years on EPF I've raved and ranted over my love for lipsticks. Especially the Make Up Forever Rouge Intense line.
I just did a 'spring clean' of my lipstick collection. (cleaned out lipsticks I've had for about a year) and this is what I'm left with. I just discovered Sleek and Revlon lipsticks. The are pretty inexpensive as just as good as the other high end brands. 

My all time favorite lipstick, is the Cover Girl Classic Red in 580 (which has now been discontinued) I wear almost everyday and I'm on my 5th tube now.

Lipstick Tips
  • My friend Ameeka shared this with me. If I have a big night out, I usually ice my lips for 20 seconds before lightly applying some concealer and then my lip colour. Allows the colour to last longer.
  • For flake free-soft subtle lips, I use the Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub followed by my favorite lip balm in the world Burt's Bee Beeswax Lip balm (I literally can not leave the house without it)
Tuesday, 18 December 2012
I was invited to the store opening for Used--House of Vintage last Saturday. Used--House of Vintage is absolutely fabulous. It'll give those Parisian Vintage store at Le Marais a run for their money. They've got a vast array of pieces to pick from. You can tell almost every piece has some history to it.

It was fun meeting readers and other Vancouver based bloggers. Here are some images from the day.
I can't believe there is not one single image of me and my outfit. I was so busy taking pictures of other people. I do have one picture of me before I left the house. I've included it at the end. Its one of the 'pouty' instagram pictures! Vain...I know.


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